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Our Tree & Shrub Services Througout Newton and the Surrounding areas

Our Priority is to provide you with the finest service possible; with the highest regards to Quality, Safety and Client Satisfaction, every step of the way.
Performed by skilled personnel, including MA Certified Arborists (MCA), using specialized equipment, tools & materials.

Removal of Trees & Shrubs, of any size, will be performed using specialized equipment, operated by certified professionals. Removal of dead, declining, invasive or undesirable Trees & Shrubs are part of maintaining a safe and attractive property.

Pruning can help prevent property damage, injury from falling tree limbs and improve the overall health. Trees & Shrubs, for Ornamental or privacy purposes, should be maintained to improve plant health & the appearance of your property.


Deep Root Liquid Fertilizing & Organic Soil Amendments are important parts of keeping your plants healthy. Urban Trees & Shrubs need added nutrients (seldom provided by nature alone) to build food reserves for growth. Healthy plants are better able to withstand the stress of urban living.

Deep Root Liquid fertilizing allows Fertilizer & Organic Soil Amendments to be injected into the ground, within the root zone of Trees and Shrubs that are in need of a boost. The Environmental Conditions as well as Regular Health Maintenance i.e.: Watering, Pruning, Insect Control, etc. can have an impact on the timing of fertilizing of your plants.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns about the Health, Safety or Overall condition of the trees and shrubs on your property.

We are happy to offer our professional recommendations and a free written estimate, Please contact us at 617-965-8820.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding of tree/shrub stumps, to below grade, will allow for planting of grass, flowers or small plants in the area.

Grinding of a stump is accomplished by using machinery that chips the stump to below the existing grade level. The grinding or the removal of the surface roots or chasing roots unless can be included at an additional charge.

*For safety reasons the resulting wood chips/debris are left in and on the hole that is created when grinding the stump(s). The chips can be used as mulch in beds, around plantings etc.

Removal of the resulting debris, adding loam, seed or sod, can be completed at an additional charge.

If you would like a price for these services please contact us at 617-965-8820



Planting of Shade, Ornamental & Fruit Trees as well as Shrubs and Perennials are great ways help the environment while increasing your property value.

Tree and Shrub planting is scheduled as weather conditions and nursery stock availability permits. Purchase, Installation and the Removal of any resulting debris is included in the pricing.

Dependable watering of your newly installed plants, for the first few years, is essential to their health and survival. Shallow roots can't tolerate dry soil conditions. The soil within the root zone, 6”– 12“deep, should be kept moist at all times. Watering slowly and deeply, around the drip line, is better than fast and frequently. Deep soaking throughout the season and through the next growing seasons are recommended by using a Soaker hose. This will allow the water to reach beneath the root-zone area. Sprinklers cause too much moisture on the leaves, which makes the foliage susceptible to moisture-related diseases such as anthracnose, powdery mildew and gray mold. Watering before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. can reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation.


The First 2 weeks; Water DAILY
Week 3 thru week 10; Water Every Other Day
After 3 Months; Water once or twice weekly, between Early Spring & Late Fall

A few things to remember:
1. WATER! Plants cannot survive without adequate water, but too much is can be detrimental.
2. BE CONSISTANT! You MUST water deeply on a Regular basis for the roots to become robust.
3. ADDITIONAL WATERING During periods of drought, is essential for both New and Established plants.
4. AVOID Watering the Foliage, it can promote fungus disease.
5. DO NOT depend on your existing irrigation system, it was not set-up for the new plant(s).
6. DO NOT depend on Rainfall, it WILL NOT be adequate for several growing seasons, if at all.
7. CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY if you notice any problems or if you have any questions or concern.
8. PLEASE FOLLOW OUR ADVICE. Failure to follow watering instructions, recommended treatments and/or communicate any concerns, as soon as they arise, will be considered a breach of contract and will negate the guarantee.

Average weekly water requirements in gallons per tree;
Mar,Apr,May June July & Aug Sept - Nov
2 yr old trees______14_______28______54_________54
3 yr old trees______28_______54______112________112
4-7+ years________56_______56______224________224

OUR GUARANTEE: Lupien Tree & Landscape will offer a 1 year guarantee that you will receive the specimen ordered and that the plant is installed properly. If the plant fails to flourish and requires replacement, the client will receive a replacement plant, but will be charged delivery, travel, labor and installation. Lupien Tree & Landscape will not be responsible for environmental injury, lack of watering or care.

We are happy to offer our professional recommendations on plant materials that are best suited for your property and the desired location. For a Free Consultation and a Free written estimate, Please contact us at 617-965-8820.

Cabling, Bracing, Planting & Transplanting are some other services we offer.
Call 617-965-8820 for a Free Estimate.