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Disease and Pest Management Services Througout Newton and the Surrounding areas

Insect and Disease Control: Applied by MA Licensed Applicators and as recommended by the U-Mass Extension Service. Recommended applications are tailored to each individual property. The timing of each application depends on weather and environmental conditions. After each application, unless otherwise established, a door tag is left at the door indicating the date, time, service provided, notes or instructions considered necessary and the name of the applicator. A tree label is attached onsite, in a location visible when approaching the property, when possible. Although the materials that we use are environmentally friendly, we are pleased to inform you that we have integrated an effective Bee/Pollinator safe material that is ideal for treating trees & shrubs, without harming the pollinators and the bee population.
Insect Parasite - Pest Management in Newton, MA
Pest Management Applications and IPM Visits to selective trees and shrubs during a specific time period, based on growing degree days (for optimal control), using materials and methods for targeting only what is necessary, as conditions warrant upon arrival. These applications are applied during the Spring through late Summer and are for control of leaf chewing & sucking insects.
Early Season Pest Management Application / IPM visit; to plants as needed, mid-April thru mid-June, to target specific Insects problems; Hemlock Eriophyid Mite, Mealybug, Lacebug, Cottony Taxus Scale, Boxwood Psyllid & Mites, Spider Mite etc as needed at the time of the visit.
Mid-Season Pest Management Application / IPM visit; to trees and/or shrubs as needed, mid-May thru early July, to target specific insect problems; Birch Leafminer, Boxwood Mite, Honeylocust Mite, Lacebug, Cottony Taxus Scale and other insects, as needed at the time of the visit.
Late Season Pest Management Application / IPM visit; to trees and/or shrubs as needed, mid-May thru early July, to target specific insect problems; Honeylocust Mite, Spider Mite and other insects, as needed at the time of the visit.
Winter Moth Caterpillar Control; to trees & shrubs to aid in the control of feeding caterpillars and prevent defoliation.

Early Ornamental Application
to Ornamental, Fruit & Flowering trees (early foliage) to control the early feeders.

Winter Moth Caterpillar Control Application;
2 applications to Hardwood trees in the Early to mid-Spring.

Black Vine Weevil Application
to Rhododendrons & Yews. A minimum of 3 applications recommended, May-August.

Euonymus Application
for control of scale. May require more than 1 application, June - July.

Holly Application
for control of Holly Leafminer. May require more than 1 application, May & July.

Miticide Application to specified evergreens for control of Red Spider / Spider Mite. 1-3 applications, July-August.

Horticultural Oil Applications
to control scale and other insects using a highly refined, petroleum, water soluble Horticultural oil.

Spring Oil / Spring Hemlock Oil;
to most Evergreens and Flowering Ornamental Trees & Shrubs to limit the hatching of overwintered insects; Scale, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Lacebug, and more.

Fall Oil / Fall Hemlock Oil;
to the Hemlocks for control of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Bark/Trunk Systemic Application
to the trunk of specific plants to provide season long control for a broad spectrum of pests i.e. Adelgids, Scale, Aphids, etc. Its unique properties provide rapid uptake and efficacy while providing targeted control and reducing the chance of material drift. Hemlocks can be treated with a Systemic Bark Application, applied to the trunk of the tree(s), to control Hemlock Woolly Adelgid.This material remains active for up to a 12 month period and also aides in the control of Elongate Scale.

We are happy to offer our professional recommendations on what treatments are best suited for your plants and their location. For a Free Consultation and a Free written estimate, Please contact us at 617-965-8820.

Fungicide Application
for fungus disease control. 3-5 applications, Early Spring - Early Summer. Conditions May alter the number of required appls.

Annual Call Before Service
includes a phone call, to the property owner, the day before the crew is scheduled to arrive. An “Annual Call Before Service” Fee of $15.00 will be applied to accounts requiring phone notification prior to each visit.

Neighbor's Authorization is required from the abutting property owner(s) if access to their property is necessary. Any portion of your plants overhanging an abutter's property will not be treated without advance written authorization from the property owner(s), on an annual basis. It is the responsibility of our client to inform Lupien Tree & Landscape, in writing, if the ownership of the involved abutter(s) has changed and to obtain written authorization from the new abutting homeowner(s).

NOTE: In order to keep our prices competitive, by avoiding added travel costs, Insect & Disease Control and Landscape Services may not be available in all areas of service.